Delivery Services - A Win For Your Customers

Delivery Services - A Win For Your Customers

December 24, 2020

When the Covid-19 pandemic first struck the world, many businesses felt as if they were in a sink-or-swim scenario that required quick thinking in order to weather the oncoming storm. Indeed, many restaurants and franchises bore the brunt of the pandemic’s effects in the form of lockdowns and restrictions when it came to things like indoor dining, etc.

Third-party delivery services soon became a popular go-to method for keeping business going, even if it was at a reduced level. Food was still going out, and customers unable or unwilling to head out to the restaurant now had an option for themselves and their families. Moving forward into 2021, delivery services will probably stick around until such time as people cautiously filter back into a normal routine. In the meantime, here’s how delivery services can help you score big with your patrons.


While a lot of customers were used to the convenience of drive-through windows and easy indoor dining at their favorite franchises, delivery is a whole other affair. 2020 marked the year when this kind of service became the norm, rather than the exception. In fact, many franchises who never offered delivery options as a service were now forced to rely on it to keep money coming in.

Now that the learning curve is over and delivery services have proven their value for both franchisees and patrons, both are able to take advantage. This is good news for those who may still be a bit too afraid to sit in indoor spaces with a bunch of diners. It will take some time for the fear to subside, which is why delivery services are so vital.


Rule of thumb is for patrons to drive out to their closest franchise location in order to get the food they desire. Delivery services change the game slightly, however. Depending on their service radius, offering a delivery method could generate new business while serving existing patrons at the same time.

Think about the advantages of having a delivery service on hand, whereas your competitor does not. If a patron is forced to seek out another franchise to order from, it would pay to offer delivery so that they can give your establishment a shot. You may gain a new customer, and invaluable word-of-mouth advertising all in the same shot.


Covid-19 has isolated the world and caused us to socially distance from our friends and loved ones in a way we never thought possible. When it’s over, human beings will be glad to get back to the actual practice of being human, and that’s good news for franchisees. Never before have they been given responsibility to make patrons smile and have a great time after such a nightmarish ordeal.

Franchisees (and their respective franchises, as well) need to understand the fundamental importance of forging human bonds with their patrons. This will go a long way towards not just boosting business, but feeling great about our own solidarity and togetherness at the same time.


Operating at reduced capacity also means operating at reduced output. Unfortunately, this sometimes means cutting hours or letting go of valued employees, but these are the tough choices Covid-19 has forced on businesses large and small. During this difficult period, cost savings are a must. If the entire franchise goes down, everyone suffers. 

Delivery services not only provide extra income by way of convenience, but they also omit the need to hire your own delivery staff and handle the logistics, which can be cumbersome. Consider the cost of having a delivery person working a shift when there’s no guarantee of an order. This can translate into wasted cash very quickly, whereas a delivery service picks up and drops off as the orders come in. One less problem (and expense) to worry about.

2021 is going to be an interesting year, but all indications point towards it being much better than the one we just went through. For more information on how to implement delivery services into your franchise location, or simply to start a Hub franchise location of your own, contact us today!

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