How To Run A Successful Food Franchise

How To Run A Successful Food Franchise

October 2, 2020

If you’re one of the many people contemplating a role as a franchise owner, chances are you’ve already sat down and weighed the pros and cons, the risks and the rewards of such an endeavor. That’s just smart business. The truth is that being a successful franchisee means having the right mindset to allow the rest of the details to fall into place. Without that mindset, many franchisees (and business owners in general) can quickly fall by the wayside and lose their focus.

Pursuing your dream of becoming a franchisee means having the right personality from the start with all the traits that can set you up for massive success. This is far less complicated than it seems, and it starts with having a positive attitude. What else is required?


This is perhaps the most important trait a good franchisee should have. After all, you’ll be in the business of making patrons happy, providing a fun and positive experience, and encouraging them to come back for more. This is practically impossible without a positive, upbeat attitude and a smile. Many potential franchisees think only of their customers, but what about employees? A rotten boss can demoralize and disenfranchise workers quite fast, and this results in a trickle-down effect to the end consumer. Being a franchisee means leading by example at all times, especially tough ones. When the going gets rough, it’s your responsibility to maintain a level head and reassure your workers that things are going to be Ok. Can you handle the pressure? If so, you’re ready to move on.


Everyone wants to be the Boss, but few are prepared for the mammoth responsibility that comes with it. This is especially true for franchisees who are leaping into virtually unknown territory with both feet. Fear not, however. Franchising is a learning experience, but it can be immensely positive and rewarding. Sure, you’ll fall down multiple times before you get the hang of things, but that’s par for the course with any business. Leading by example includes getting into the thick of things, regardless of the job. A good franchisee knows that no task is beneath them, so don’t be afraid to take charge when it comes to demonstrating cleanliness, order and procedures. Be hands-on, and show your employees how to do the job right. Don’t forget to praise and reward, as well!


Rigid mentalities have no place in business, especially in today’s world. The ability to adapt and change is paramount to one’s success in the franchising field. If you walk into your first franchise location with a predefined set of procedures and standards that you aren’t willing to budge on, you may find yourself in hot water quicker than you think. Every plan should be written in pencil rather than ink, which is to say that you need to be ready to switch things up at a moment’s notice. Never rest on your laurels, either. Just because your franchise is running great doesn’t mean it can’t run fantastic. A common pitfall in the business world is for owners to decide that things are fine as they are. In truth, the smartest and savviest of franchisees know that there’s always room for improvement…daily. For that reason, make sure you’re constantly proactive. Many people fear change, but those who embrace it know how fun it can be. It keeps things fresh, revitalized and positive.


No business venture is easy, but hard work pays dividends that can last a lifetime. If you’re a self-doubter, then it’s wise to re-evaluate yourself before committing to being a franchisee. Rest assured, you can do it. Every human has that little voice in their mind telling them that they aren’t good enough, but the wisest know that it’s a trap to give in to that thinking. If you can’t believe in yourself, don’t expect your employees or patrons to, either. Remember always that franchising means having a support team behind you every step of the way. Head office has done most of the hard work already. They’ve taken care of the branding, the menu options and the contacts. They have an interest in making sure your franchise location is successful as well. That’s reason enough to enjoy a boost of confidence!

Remember also that when things go sour (which they will from time to time), you’ll need to keep a cool head and push right on through. No problem is too great to overcome - all it takes is an analytical mind, a positive attitude and a deep breath!


Do you hit all the marks described in this article? If so, you’re ready to become a franchisee. You’ll never have a perfect run at it, but the experience you gain from opening your first franchise location will help you expand your portfolio far into the future. When it comes to franchising, how far you go depends entirely on you! For more information on how to get started as a Hub franchisee, please contact us. Let’s work together for mutual success!

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