Making Your Franchise A Success In 2021

Making Your Franchise A Success In 2021

October 30, 2020

Yes, it’s true - franchising is predicted to blow up in a major way in 2021, and that’s great news for veteran and new franchisees alike. If you’ve ever considered opening up a restaurant franchise, now’s the time to make a solid commitment. With a vaccine on the horizon, people will be anxious to get out of their homes and back into a normal routine. That includes taking the family out for a fun dining experience at their favorite restaurant. Here’s how you can not only make a go of franchising, but turn it into a success in very short order.


2020 has been a nightmare for the entire world, but even the darkest days have their dawn. Although Covid-19 case loads are on the upswing, hospitalizations and death rates have remained very low in comparison to the worst periods during the pandemic. In short, we will get through this. Your patrons need the same reassurance as well, so make sure you and your staff keep a smile on your face as you welcome them back into your restaurant. This begins at the top level. As a franchisee, it’s your responsibility to lead your team with a positive can-do attitude which will trickle down to your patrons. It’s also great for business, especially for folks who haven’t had a chance to get out much, and may have forgotten how fun it is to dine out.


Nobody’s perfect, and franchisees know this all too well. First-timers will fall into a multitude of pits, but there’s always a solution waiting in the wings. Every mistake is a great learning experience that will serve to boost the consistency and optimization of your day-to-day operations, and that experience will carry forth as you invest in more locations in the future. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, strong leaders navigated the storm and found new and inventive ways to do business, even during shutdowns. This worst-case scenario allowed many franchisees to emerge with nothing but a few bruises to show for it, and that’s a testament to iron-willed determination. When things go wrong, don’t panic. Your team will feel it, and your patrons will suffer because of it.


In the end, owning a restaurant franchise is all about making customers happy. When they show up, treat them like gold and never let up. In 2020, many franchisees put more focus on balancing operational costs to stay afloat, while losing sight of the customer. This is understandable, but cannot be allowed for the long term. As things begin to balance out, worry less about your balance sheet and put more focus on your patrons. If they feel safe, secure and happy, they’re not just going to come back - they’re going to spread the word about your franchise. Even when things start to lighten up, many patrons will feel scared about slipping back into a normal routine. It’s the job of you and your staff to make sure they feel they have nothing to worry about, so spread that warmth around.


First time franchisees may need a little practice here, and that’s quite alright. After all, it’s a learning process. Veteran franchisees know full well how important it is to communicate well with your team and make sure they’re always on the same page. 2020 has been rough on both employees and franchise owners, but 2021 needs to shift the focus back on open, positive communication. Take the opportunity now before the year is out, and remind your staff just how important they are to the success of the business. They want to feel like they’re part of something, rather than just a cog in the machine. Remember your key employees and keep tabs on their accomplishments. This can pay dividends if you decide to elevate them to higher positions with more responsibilities, or offer them managerial spots at your next franchise location.


As we begin our exit out of 2020, it’s important to look back and analyze your wins rather than your failures or challenges. Yes, it’s good to learn from mistakes and hard times, but it’s equally important to recognize the great job you did in weathering the storm and emerging intact on the other side. Incremental victories may seem insignificant on their face, but add them all up and they soon become a tour de force of morale-boosting wins that can help you soldier on to better days. 2021 shows a lot of promise for the entire franchising industry, and if you’re not feeling confident about the future, you may miss out on the opportunities that come with it.

In conclusion, it’s a great time to consider getting into the franchising game, and if you’re feeling bold enough to take the plunge, the rewards could be astronomical. For more information on opening a Hub Restaurant franchise in your neck of the woods, contact us today!

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