What Are SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures) And How Do They Affect Your Franchise?

What Are SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures) And How Do They Affect Your Franchise?

November 27, 2020

The benefits of being a franchisee with a strong head office at your back cannot be overstated. The most successful franchisors have put in the hard work, R&D and sacrifices required to forge the perfect recipe for success, and they make this information freely available to their franchisees. One of the most effective tools at a franchise owner’s disposal is the SOP, or Standard Operating Procedures guideline. This is a how-to template designed to get your business booming in short order, without hassle. It encompasses everything from branding to employee training, which means less guesswork and a reduction in problems. Here’s a few things to consider about SOPs, and how they might affect your franchise.


Some franchise owners may find this to be one of the most difficult aspects of a SOP. Many wish to run things their own way, and that can be especially problematic. However, it’s wise to understand what a SOP is designed to do, and why you should stick to it. First, it eliminates the risk of stepping on the franchisor’s toes, which could have legal ramifications depending on your contractual agreement. Second, it’s a recipe for future growth. Many franchise owners think only of their single location, rather than contemplating the future. Following a SOP means getting in the habit of how a franchise works, and familiarizing ones-self with branding and operating procedures. When it’s time to open a second location, you’ll be fully prepared.


A SOP guarantees that you’ll be cutting out a major expense from your balance sheet, especially in terms of marketing. Branding and reputation has already been taken care of by a dedicated team that maintains the franchise’s standing in relation to competition. Your job is to make your particular location(s) run smoothly. By following a SOP’s training guidelines, your employees will know what’s expected of them, and how to fit in as part of the family. This is yet another expense that can be chopped away. Time is money, and training employees haphazardly can be extremely costly. SOPs are there to provide a template on how things should be run, and they’re constantly being updated to reflect changing times.


Many franchisees initially desired to open up their own restaurant and build it from the ground up as per their own vision. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is a far riskier proposition than going the franchise route. In fact, two-thirds of restaurants fail in the first year, mostly because owners underestimate the sheer amount of work that goes into running one. It doesn’t help that restaurant owners start literally at the ground floor, and must work their way up by building their reputation, client base and exposure. The wrong marketing or branding decision can set one back tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention lost time. On the flip-side, franchisees can rely on SOPs to get the ball rolling immediately. They have identified the branding styles customers like, the decorum and the atmosphere that keeps them coming back. So should you.


“Work smart, not hard” is the old saying, and it holds true more often than not. There’s no sense making life more difficult when it can run easier. SOPs help with this in ways that most franchisees fail to recognize, and that’s to their detriment. Learning to “love the SOP” is the best way to enjoy being a franchisee, especially when the money starts to roll in. From there, it’s much easier to consider opening up a second or even third franchise location to keep the momentum going. Running any business requires hard work and dedication, but shaving off unnecessary headaches and problems goes a long way to making the day go by smoother. That’s better for you, your employees, and most importantly, your patrons. For more information on how to get started as a franchisee with Hub Restaurant, contact us today. We’ll go over the details with you and determine the best way to get

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