Tips To Market Your Franchise During The Restart Phase

Tips To Market Your Franchise During The Restart Phase

September 18, 2020

With the economic restart already in full swing, many restaurant franchises are re-opening for business with greater capacity options for diners. This is great news, and hopefully the start of a continuing trend that won’t let up any time soon. Now that the doors are open and patrons are being allowed back in, it’s time to remember a few tips when it comes to marketing your franchise as things continue to progress.The right combination of elements can attract more diners to your franchise while maintaining its reputation. Read on to find out how.


Everyone is tired of the lockdowns and government mandates, and tensions are starting to wear thin. Is it any wonder more and more people are leaving their homes and heading back to their favorite restaurant franchises? Analyzing and reacting to patrons and their behavior is akin to reading the tea leaves, and it doesn’t take an expert to see what’s happening. People want their lives back, and franchisees are in a unique position to help them get there. When they show up, it’s your job to burst with positivity, friendliness and a down to earth demeanor. Make your patrons understand that we’re all in this together, and better days are ahead. Not only is this great for your bottom line, but it will help boost the happiness of your customers as well. That’s a win/win even on a bad day.


Remember that even though your franchise is now open for business, many patrons have become accustomed to the norm of a few months ago when UberEats and SkipTheDishes became so huge. Not only did this help restaurants generate revenue at a critical stage of the pandemic, but it kept franchises in the hearts and minds of customers. Now that things are somewhat back to normal and inching forward with each day, it’s wise to keep these delivery and pickup options on the table for the long foreseeable future. First, the work has already been done in setting these ordering methods up, so it’s not very difficult to maintain their operation. It’s handy for those who are comfy with dining at home, and it’s a good option for those who are still a bit apprehensive about going out.


When the chips were down and the pandemic was hitting restaurants hard, it made perfect logistical sense to slash menu options in favor of key dishes in order to keep things running smoothly, while cutting down on unnecessary waste. After restaurants got the green light to start opening in limited capacity via patio areas, many franchises started gradually adding more items to the menu, and this trend has continued now that indoor dining is back. The key is to scale your menu according to the news, and the number of patrons you’re getting. Keep an eye on both, and plan/adjust accordingly in order to level up back to normalcy without falling too far into the red.


Diners are now being allowed indoors with appropriate social distancing measures in place to help mitigate any potential spread of the pandemic. This is a far cry from a few months ago when many franchises had to seal their doors shut and rely on pickup and delivery options. It’s even different compared to just recently when patio-only was the norm. Now that business has moved back in, that patio is still a valuable commodity when it comes to increasing business. Not only does it offset the limitations of indoor seating, but it can also help generate a sense of liveliness and energy to attract passerbys. At this point in time, it’s wise to let people now that you’re open, and your visitors are having fun. The patio now serves a twofold advantage for franchisees.


When the economy shut down, people’s minds shifted to the pandemic, and not much else. Wise businesses recognized the value of leveraging social media and digital marketing initiatives in order to remind their customers that they were still alive and kicking, and ready to serve them during difficult times. Now that business is ramping back up, the iron is red-hot and ready to be struck all over again. Make sure to sit down with your digital marketing agency and come up with some killer social media ad campaigns and initiatives to boost sales. Advertise new menu items, remind your patrons that you’re open and adhering to safety guidelines, and coax them out for a fun night with a few new specials on the menu.

Cautious optimism is the order of the day, but it seems like things are well on their way to getting back on track. As we inch ever closer to the exit at the end of the tunnel, it’s wise to keep your franchise in tip-top shape and ready to take advantage of the situation. It’s a great time to consider investing in a franchise location, so if you think you’re ready, get in touch with us immediately. Let’s do this together!

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